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April 8, 2022 - Blogs

Benefits of Learning Braille

Braille is a great communication tool for people who are blind or visually impaired. Learning how to use it could benefit them in multiple ways on a daily basis. Because we believe braille can improve quality of life, and because there are a lot of misconceptions, we dedicate this blog to the benefits of learning braille.

What is braille? – Braille is a code designed to be read by the touch of the fingers. The code consists of raised dots. These dots are arranged in two columns. The different ways of placing these dots represent letters and numbers.

Advantages of learning Braille – Studies have shown that reading is a more effective way to receive, process, and share information than any other means.

  1. Reading over Listening – A major advantage of reading braille over listening to audio is spelling and grammar. By listening to instead of reading you would never know how to spell a name or place. Or know the difference between two names/words that are pronounced the same but spelled in a different way. Also, grammar and punctuations can be tricky when you listen which can be avoided by reading.
  2. More job opportunities – Being able to use braille improves their chance of being employed. Literacy is an important factor for employment. The unemployment rate within the group of non-braille users is about 77% whereas is it 44% for braille users. Being able to use braille increases their chances of being employed significantly.
  3. Be more independent – A lot of public spaces such as elevators use braille. But also certain products like medicine can be read by braille users. They will be able to read these without needing the help of a sighted person. These are all examples of braille being able to give you a more independent lifestyle. Also, this gives them more independence on a daily basis. They will be able to label certain products and items around their houses. Things like the microwave, oven, and refrigerator can be labelled and also the spices in the kitchen or the drawers in the closet.
  4. Have more privacy – It does not only give you more independence. Using braille in your daily life also provides you with privacy. You don’t need sighted people to help you read and write which gives you the independence to keep certain parts of your life private. Most banks and government organizations provide their documents in braille. Therefore, you don’t have to share this kind of information with anyone but yourself.

Considering all the above advantages, we, at IDL Foundation help blind people not only with Braille Literacy but also with other professional skills to help them stand independently and lead their lives filled with honor and respect. Please visit www.idlfoundation.org to know more.

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