Why We should Help our Unfortunate Brethern?

Everything in this world comes as a package: such as pairs of good and evil, right and wrong, luck and misfortune, happiness and misery. The composition of any society also follows the same pattern. Some are healthy and some suffer from various infirmities due to no fault of theirs. Those who are healthy must be grateful to those who are unhealthy; because as per the immutable law of nature, a few must suffer infirmities if others have to be spared. So it is the bounden duty of a healthy person to aid the not so healthy

Each individual is unique, a combination of faculties in a particular configuration. To spot another one, exactly similar is impossible. Anyone with an impaired faculty in one sense is endowed with enhanced faculty in another sense. Yes; they might not replicate in mainstream. That does not mean they are deficient altogether or a burden to the family and society. With proper aid and conductive environment, such as individual will be a boon to the society. Neglecting them is a self-destructive strategy and counter productive, insofar as the society is concerned.

Individuals and Institutions pursue diverse routes to help these people, but often operate in isolation. A symbiotic relationship among these organizations would propel synergy unleashing tremendous energy. A cohesive network of all these like-minded together is the key to success.

Collectively we can make a difference, make our mother land a better place to live in and surely help our fellow unfortunate brethren.

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